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Roasted coffee beans for Espresso - Exato Coffee - Package 1 Kg - Blend Cerrado Mineiro and Mogiana

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Roasted coffee beans for Espresso - Exato Coffee - Package 1 Kg - Blend Cerrado Mineiro and Mogiana

From the regions of Mogiana and Cerrado Mineiro

Ideal for espresso coffee machines

Recommended for straining on the Hario V60

Type 4 100% Arabica

Roast: Medium

Body: Balanced

Acidity: Mild

Fragrance: Persistent

Aroma: Predominant

Flavor: Striking and persistent, caramel notes.

Advantages of purchasing this product

Our Gourmet coffee is made using Arabica beans from the regions of São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

The beans are refined to reach the best of the Arabica coffee drink, we have an artisanal manufacturing process, with medium roasting preserving the natural sweetness, with smooth acidity, balanced body and also the beneficial properties of Arabica coffee.

Benefits of this product

When you purchase this product, you will be taking a Gourmet coffee from the best regions of Brazil and it is exported to several countries in the world, one of our greatest riches, our black gold that we love and should consume every day.

It is a healthy, balanced coffee with a strong and persistent flavor made with selected Arabica coffee beans.

This means Gourmet coffee of the highest quality to be prepared in any method of brewing: Strainer, Espresso, French Press, Aeropress, Italian Coffee Maker MOKA, or any other method.

"Coffee is a food that brings people together, at home with family and friends, during work breaks with colleagues and clients or anywhere else, providing countless moments of pleasure for those who do not give up tasting good coffee. "