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Wholesale Coffee Supplier

Portal Café
Portal Café is the bridge your business needs to adequately provide the best coffee experience for your business and your customers and employees. We are representatives of more than 10 brands of Specialty Coffee and Gourmet Coffee. We supply coffee beans wholesale to companies, cafeterias, emporiums and also large volumes for exporting coffee.

Wholesaler supplier of coffee beans and ground coffee. This is our multi-brand store of Special and Selected Coffees in Brazil. We work with special coffees differentiated for your needs, whether you are a lover of specialty coffees or a specialized coffee shop.

We offer the opportunity to advise you by preparing a letter of special coffees for your business, without complications and in an agile way. We guarantee the recurring supply with the freshness of a special coffee with a maximum of 30 days of roasting for your coffee shop, providing all the sensory notes and the experience of each coffee in your customer's cup.


We grind your special coffee beans
The vast majority of specialty coffees are sold in beans, but if you don't have a portable grinder in your home or office yet, we grind it for any method of preparation at no additional cost.

You choose your coffee beans and in the comments of your order request the desired grind.

Portal Café

To be recognized as the largest portal for specialty coffees in Brazil, making us a reference in differentiated coffees.

Helping people and companies to find the best coffees for their taste or audience, ensuring agility and freshness in order to provide the best result in a cup of coffee.

Do you want a special coffee for your coffee shop, emporium, office or establishment?
We at Portal Café have the solution for your business.

Consult us for coffee export.

We were able to serve large volumes in both fine and specialty coffees scored up to 84 points.